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Sleepgram pillow: the best pillows for 2022 – top rated products guide revealed secrets for a healthy sleep

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Even when you get a good night’s sleep (which should be at least seven hours), do you still find yourself waking up with stiff muscles, or an ache in your neck or back?

Our pillows utilize a proprietary extra-long, extra-soft microfiber to create one of the most comfortable pillows on the market.

Sleepgram pillows provide support to the neck while remaining soft and fluffy. They are adjustable and suit the needs of a diverse population of sleepers.


The pillow comes with a fluffy outer layer and you’ll find 2 more with the pull of a zipper. One layer has a red tab, which is more firm, the other layer has a blue tab, which is softer.

What types of pillows are the best?


If you are mostly a side or back sleeper, then consider your current pillow. sleepgram foam pillows can greatly improve your quality of sleep and give your head and neck the right amount of support, regardless of your sleeping position.

As you sink into the pillow and find the optimal depth and position for your head and neck, the memory foam will “remember” that position and keep you there while you sleep, whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach.

Reason to use sleepgram pillows revealed

1. Spinal Alignment 
Proper spinal alignment helps reduce tossing, turning and discomfort. It allows your muscles to relax properly offering natural spinal support  to your body, adjusting to your unique shape promoting a deep restful sleep..

2. Pressure Points

They provide even support for the neck and head. The foam reforms less where it does not need to, and more where the stress is increased. This allows for uniform pressure on all areas of the head and neck, eliminating pressure points.

3. Hygienic and Hypoallergenic

Sleepgram Pillow was originally developed to improve sleeping conditions  pillows are naturally hypoallergenic inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus and dust mites. This is an advantage for those with allergies to dust mites, feathers, or other natural pillow materials.

4. Sleep Apnea

The exact benefits for those with sleep apnea are undetermined. However, it is commonly believed that the spinal alignment also aligns the airways better allowing easier breathing.

5. Durability and Aesthetics


It conforms to fit the neck and head, but as it cools, it reverts to its original shape. Feather and fiber filled or batted pillows develop lumps, go flat, or just plain wear out over time. Sleepgram returns to its shape reliably, again and again. They outlast other high quality pillows simply by design.

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Back Sleepers


Our heads are one of the heaviest parts of our bodies and when we sleep, our narrow necks and spines have a hard time supporting that weight.

If you sleep on your back, doctors recommend you always sleep with a pillow.

For back sleepers, most doctors and chiropractors recommend a thinner, contouring pillow that will help fill the gap beneath the back of your neck and the bed while also supporting the weight of your head.

The stomach sleepers

SleepGram Pillow benefits reviewMany people find they’re most comfortable sleeping on their stomach, especially with a deep, fluffy pillow to bury their faces in.

However, most doctors and chiropractors say sleeping on the stomach is one of the most unhealthy positions, because it forces you to turn your neck to the left or right.

Bottom line—sleeping on your stomach is the only position in which experts say you can get away with not using a pillow.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, try no pillow, and then a thin pillow for a few nights to see which way you get your best rest.

My sleep experiences and complaint


As a shorter, athletically built woman, I prefer softer pillow surfaces and some of my favorites are soft shredded foam and down and feather picks because they work well to support me in my movements at night.

I also occasionally suffer from a tight hip and need good hip and back alignment.

Final review on best sleeping pillow

If you have found yourself frustrated in your hunt for a comfortable, quality pillow that will fit your need, then you really should Check Out the Sleepgram Pillow.

The adjustability of it is a feature that allows you to find your perfect comfort level, and truly makes it worth reading up on.

The benefits of having a pillow that works for your unique sleep position are endless as it supports your overall health through spinal alignment.

Those who sleep comfortably are generally sleeping healthy, and that became the purpose of the Sleepgram creation in the first place. If you have any question or comments about this Product, please let us know Below.